• Are you interested in sculpting the body you’ve always wanted?
Patrick Louden
Personal Fitness Trainer

Growing up in Canada I was always actively involved in sports,  primarily hockey. I attended some of the top hockey schools in Canada and elsewhere while working with some of the best strength and conditioning coaches the sport has to offer.

At 17, I was drafted into the MJHL (Maritime Junior Hockey League) and later  played semi-pro in the North Shore Senior Hockey League while attending the University of New Brunswick. During my time at UNB studying kinesiology, I became a CanFit Pro certified personal trainer.

Over the last decade, I’ve had the pleasure of training hundreds of people across the world both in person and through online correspondence.  “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life “, accurately describes how I feel about my work.

My true passion in life has always been bodybuilding or ‘body sculpting’. I believe that essentially people are body architects, designing themselves to look and perform a certain way.

The fact is that every person regardless of gender, age, or ability has the power to shape their own body through diet and exercise. This motivates me to help people achieve their goals whatever they may be.

Whether a beginner or pro,  if you put the time and work in you’ll get the results, and after the results comes more expertise in your training knowledge.

If you’re interested in change and progression with your physique, don’t hesitate–send me an email today!

Whether your goal is aesthetic appeal through body sculpting, or sport specific and functional training through strength and conditioning, I can help you.




I have competed 5 times in 3 different federations and, along the way, earned my PRO status with the WBFF. I will continue to compete in the years to come.

Please contact me for more information regarding modelling/endorsements.

Are you interested in sculpting the body you’ve always wanted?
If you have the right attitude and the will to change, contact me.

This Is Your Time! Get Motivated. Get Fit.

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