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Below are some inspiring examples of clients who have transformed their lives with my 12 Week Program. Will you be the next SUCCESS story?

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“In 2015 I had the goal of making it into Edmonton Fires Calendar. The only problem was I had been working to get a 6 pack for 25 years, and nothing seemed to work. Pat was a good buddy from the gym and I always admired his physique, he definitely practices what he preaches. When I approached pat about being my coach he was super enthusiastic to help out and by the next morning I was on his strict eating regime and tough workout plan. Week by week my winter layer started to shed. Pat was constantly tweaking my diet and pushing me to the next level. Having an educated and motivating coach such as Pat will make all the difference in your results and help you attain any goal. I was very confident going into my photo shoot and never felt better. I surpassed my expectations and couldn’t have done it without the guidance of Pat. Thanks buddy!!”

“So about a year ago I came to a realization that I have no idea about nutrition. I’ve yo-yo dieted for years. “Bulking up” and “cutting” but never maintaining the muscles I spent so much time building.

I hired Pat. Quickly he seen the problems in my diet and fixed it. I’ve never been able to see my abs even when I cut down to 200 lbs. With Pat I had those things showing at 220 lbs. Proper nutrition and an amazing workout plan that was 100% customized to fit me and my goals. We hit all my weakness and made them pop!

I even competed in my first bodybuilding competition, something I never thought I would do. Pat’s dedication and commitment to his clients is incredible. I’ve never seen a coach so committed before, and I’ve tried many.”

~Chris LaPointe

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“I had a long history of training and a solid background in sports and athletics, however I struggled to build and maintain the muscle mass that I wanted. Pat helped construct a diet and training plan that allowed me to find success. I made a lot of progress and with his encouragement transitioned it to the competitive fitness stage where he helped me reach my longtime goal of becoming a Pro fitness model! His knowledge of nutrition, training, and competition prep, as well as his passion for what he does has been instrumental in getting me to to where I am in my fitness career.”

~Jon Kassian – WBFF Pro

My client Tariq came to me 6 months ago determined to lose weight. He had zero knowledge about nutrition and even less within the gym, not to mention there was a huge language barrier between us. Nevertheless, he dropped 50lbs in 6 months seeing me once a week and then every other week for the last three months. He applied everything I showed him and in turn got exceptional results!

“I came to Pat when I was at the lowest point in my hockey career. I had separated my shoulder and lost over 20lbs of muscle mass because of other health issues. My situation required specific training and Pat gave me exactly what I needed. His overall knowledge of his profession is exceptional. Through his training, and nutrition plan, I was able to quickly strengthen my shoulder and gain back my muscle mass which allowed me to have the best season of my career. I was offered multiple scholarships and am now living my dream of playing college hockey. I had goals I wanted to achieve and Pat worked at my goals as if they were his. I can’t thank him enough for what he did for me. I can’t say I’d be where I am today without him!”

Are you interested in sculpting the body you’ve always wanted?
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